So, since my last blog, I hope some of you have had time to digest the first five commandments of the worthwhile workplace. If not, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to do so. For those that have done this, here are the final five…

Let’s kick off with a golden rule that’s still so important today: achieve work life balance. We work long hours, but family and friends – and your pets – need your attention too! Also, we’re all guilty of claiming to be too busy to leave our desks and go for a walk at lunch for even five minutes. Seriously, get up and take that time, your corporate world will not fall apart if you do this! You will feel better for taking that mini break.

Enjoy living the moment, in the present day. It’s very easy to reminisce about how great the past was, or how you preferred working for ‘X’ company back in the day. Make your present job the best it can be. Savour the now and the positives you get from going to work. Try not to dwell on what could have been; instead, concentrate on the present and how you can make fresh business connections that will serve your future well.

Where appropriate, in the right context, touch can break down barriers and provide benefits for the mind and spirit. This facet of communication helps us to engage at work and at home, enabling better connections to be made, essential to our success in life.

If possible, investigate meditation and reap the benefits. Once – unfairly – seen as a hippy activity, reflective exercise is quickly becoming a regular part of medical and well-being treatments. The ability to relax the body and mind is vital to performance. Even if you’re flat out during your working day, set aside five minutes (see above) to mediate. This will lead to better concentration and performance.

Finally, think creatively. Where possible, gather team members together for a brainstorm. Many heads are better than one. It’s important to remember that creativity does not have to be limited to those in the artistic world. We can all think with imagination and apply the outcome in the workplace.

So there you have it. Why not try to incorporate one, or all ten, ideas into your work and private lives. You’d be amazed how a new way of thinking can unlock new ideas and improve your output. Feel free to challenge the set way of completing a task, especially if it has always been tackled in the same way day after day, year after year. I’d be interested to hear back form you in the future with feedback on how you get on. Good luck and have fun with this new approach to your corporate and personal lives.