Who is John McGlinchey?

It was there that I learned the value of hard work, determination and a good attitude. These traits are fundamental for a successful and happy life” says John.

John McGlinchey is an experienced executive with a long list of achievements – the most recent and prestigious was to established CompTIA as the #1 IT vendor neutral certification provider globally, growing revenue by 3X during that period.

He is an innovative leader with over thirty-six years of experience in sales, customer experience and people management. Growing up in rural Ireland and working in his family’s grocery store, John pursued his first professional job as an electrician before moving to the UK. Currently living in California, with a diverse background, he is a thought leader in global sales performance. He has travelled the world absorbing cultures and best practices. He firmly believes that motivation enables creativity and performance, and he emphasizes the importance of cultural awareness, character and positive influence in the workplace.

He is now taking all that experience and knowledge to help individuals and organizations who want to be more successful.